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“We are the Music Makers”

We are proud to be accessible on the Web in order to keep you informed of all of our activities including:


  • Who we are
  • Our current Concert Calendar
  • Features on the music we are performing
  • Directions to concert venues
  • News about special events, season tickets, and contact information
  • Other updates of special note, such as features on soloists


We are a local group of individuals dedicated to performing, studying and interpreting choral works. From classical to contemporary music, we strive to share the glory and appreciation for these traditions with the surrounding community. Our venues include a wide range of settings across Staten Island, New Jersey and Manhattan—including the famed Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Richmond Choral Society (RCS) volunteer choristers represent a diverse range of professions, religions, ethnicities and age groups. RCS performs biannual concerts to showcase the beauty of classical pieces for local audiences. Led by a devoted group, RCS brings musical education and appreciation to the community.