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Since 1951, Richmond Choral Society (RCS) has enriched the cultural life of Staten Island through its concerts and musical offerings at libraries and community events.  RCS is dedicated to the support of young people who study voice through its scholarship and Encore Concerts featuring these young people. At its biennial educational seminars, RCS expands the appreciation of choral music to a wider audience, including choristers, conductors, teachers, and music lovers. Producing concerts, providing community services and maintaining high standards are essential and increasingly costly. Become a supporting member of the RCS and help us secure the future of great music on Staten Island.  Please contact RCS via email at info@RichmondChoral.com,  by mail at P.O. Box 141002, S.I., NY 10301, or by calling 718-448-3656.


RCS offers a scholarship each year to graduating Staten Island high school seniors who will go on to study voice and vocal music in college. We ask for candidates from the many church choruses, music teachers and voice coaches on Staten Island. The winner is selected from a group of these seniors who have auditioned for us. We give one scholarship award of up to $1,000, and incentive awards to one to three others. RCS conducts a raffle among the adult chorus members once a year to raise funds to underwrite this wonderful program. Contributions are always welcome.


RCS Youth Chorus (RCSYC):  (See our Youth Chorus section for information on the group). Our tuition of $440 per year, per student, covers the music director's salary, weekly accompanist, rent and music.  We do not turn anyone away who cannot pay.  We must depend on grants and donations to keep this wonderful group alive.  RCSYC is the only one of its kind on Staten Island.  Please consider sponsoring a child or teen.


Make all checks payable to:
Richmond Choral Society
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